Technology Coaching


Business relies on technology and often needs more capabilities to extend and grow the business. Sometimes the need is for new and innovative capabilities and at other times, it is more about blocking and tackling.  Often, it is both.


Our goal is to combine business knowledge with technology capabilities to help the organization create strategies and roadmaps to implement solutions that align with the corporate strategy to help our clients do incredible things. 


One key area we do specialize in is developing a roadmap to make your technology more impactful by focusing on how to use technology to ASSIST the employee in executing their work and to ENGAGE the customer in new and meaningful ways.

Effective leadership is always a challenge.  Executives in technology often face a greater challenge.    


These Leaders need to shift from focusing on just “left-brain” analytical and execution skills, and become adept at right-brain capabilities like leadership presence, business strategy, political capabilities, and emotional intelligence.  To make matters worse, there are few places technologists can turn to for this kind of skill development, particularly if they are already at a CXO or VP level.  The good news is that these skills can be very effectively addressed in coaching.


We work with CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, VPs, and directors on goals such as developing influence in the broader organization (i.e., gaining “a seat at the table”); building productive relationships across the C-suite and with other departments; effective leadership presence and staff performance management; achieving a better and more visible connection between business priorities and technology goals; and establishing the technology organization as a critical value enabler rather than just an order-taker/cost-center.


Coaching for technology leaders is often very appropriate when:

  • They’re moving into a new and significant leadership role;

  • They’re seeking a promotion to the next level;

  • Significant business changes have placed additional demands on the technology organization.

  • They find themselves struggling to gain influence in the broader business organization or to effectively communicate technology’s value.

Another area of services we offer is to help the technology team improve cohesiveness and collaboration.  This would include:


  • Team Assessments

  • Conflict Management

  • Organizational Alignment

  • Role Clarity

  • Communications

  • Mission, Vision, Values

  • Team Facilitation

  • Feedback Council

  • Professional Training