Executive and Leadership coaching… results at work.


All professional athletes have coaches… swimmers, golfers, tennis players, runners, and even chess players. Why is this relationship so important? It’s because coaches ask powerful questions, frame and then reframe circumstances, helping you to discover insightful observations about yourself (personal awareness) and help you improve how you conduct yourself in business (situational awareness). These insights lead to growth and improved capabilities for you, often for the rest of your life.


Outcomes Based …


A major differentiator for Sage Coaching is that we believe that coaching should have a measurable outcome and return on your investment.  As a part of the coaching process, we will work through a detailed questionnaire about areas for coaching and agree to specific objectives and targeted outcomes for the coaching.



Executive Coaching:



Leadership Coaching– Leadership Coaching is focused on developing leadership skills — the skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, build top performing teams, and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under the most challenging leadership environments.  


Broadening your Perspective -- The coach works with you to develop a broader view of leadership, situational possibilities, opportunities and outcomes, and paths to get to there.  The coach is also an independent sounding board, a place where key ideas and thoughts can be worked through and new ideas generated on how to accomplish desired outcomes.



Creating Forward Momentum to Accomplish Objectives -- Another area of coaching is creating momentum in moving toward specific objectives and goals the executive has set for themselves.  Often, executives want a sherpa to accompany their journey to new developing new capabilities and accomplishing personal objectives.  Acting as a sherpa, the coach helps create the needed momentum to the desired goal.


Upgrading Your Skillset --  We work with executives on refining skills and closing skill gaps such as better engagement skills, improving business relational capabilities, enhancing how they handle conflict resolution, initiating changes into the organization, etc.   


Enhancing Executive Presence - Many executives want to continue to consciously build their brand and improve on how they are perceived.  Our coaching comes alongside the executive to help them assess their current brand and to build the brand they desire.  


Our executive coaching program accomplishes this with both a complete set of assessments and a program designed to improve self-awareness, situational awareness, and leadership soft skills.


A BALANCED 360-degree review employee feedback provides performance feedback from an employee’s supervisor, peers, reporting staff members, co-workers and customers.  The 360 is balanced with the feedback of the employee's direct manager.


Feedback is based on skills and behaviors desired in the organization to accomplish the mission, vision, and goals. For customer-facing employees, the feedback also focuses on skills and behaviors related to customer expectations.


The benefit of 360-degree employee feedback is the identification of strengths, weaknesses, mentoring insights and areas needing professional development.


Often, an employee needs assistance with actions or behaviors that are interfering with their performance on the job.  Coaching for improvement comes alongside the employee and assists with clarifying the situation, helps the employee evaluate how his or her current performance and behavior are affecting their goals and create a clear, specific, and feasible plan for change with close follow-up and feedback.