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Dan Brown

Leadership and Life Coach

Dan has been coaching for four+ years with a variety of clients from different sized organizations, roles, and leadership / personal goals.  Included in his clients are senior technology and corporate leaders from digital technologies, banking, telecom, pharmaceutical, technology, IT security, sales/marketing, and global companies.  


He has been a senior executive at many firms and nonprofits.  He has a unique perspective as both a senior executive (at a Fortune 50 company) and a leadership coach.

He specializes in leadership coaching for senior executives as well as early to mid-career executives joining the corporate leadership ranks. He has coached CXO level executives but also conducts life coaching for people looking for a clearer vision for their life.




Dan Brown, Executive and Leadership Coach

International Coaching Federation Certified

Dan Brown has held numerous senior technology executive positions and is a former Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer.  He has been a leader for several large financial services organizations and recently a very large financial services non-profit.


He has been coaching for five years and has concentrated on senior technology leaders and executives in sales, marketing, technology and executive roles.  He has coached a variety of clients from different sized organizations, roles, and leadership levels.  Included in his clients are executives and leaders from digital and marketing technology, banking, telecom, pharmaceutical, IT technology, IT security, sales, technology start-ups and global companies.  


Dan brings a unique perspective as both a senior technology executive and an executive/leadership coach. 


Dan is accredited as a coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).




Sage is a perennial woody herb that is very positive when it comes to its impact on human health.


Scientifically known as salvia officinalis, sage is closely related to rosemary, and they are often considered “sister herbs.” Sage has many health sustaining characteristics and has been used since ancient times to help promote well-being. 


Sage Coaching seeks the health and well-being of its clients by creating and sustaining focused momentum in their lives.